johnvertisement via is a new and good platform for delivering marketing. this is good marketing which most certainly markets things.

no monetary exchanges occur for or via those who host advertisements via are compensated with a sense of accomplishment (delivered remotely via nanoinjectors). this may change at a future point with no warning to a system involving lemon currency.

ad leaderboard

how to add ads to your webpage

add this to your webpage:

<iframe src="" style="margin-left:auto;display:block;margin-right:auto;max-width:732px;width:100%;height:94px;border:none;"></iframe>

replace "" with the actual domain name of your website.

how to advertise

send me an email and I might ad your add. the email should include:

there are some guidelines that you need to follow if you want your advertisement to be considered for

I will unconditionally reject any advertisement that violates these guidelines. do not email me such advertisements. I DO NOT NECESSARILY ENDORSE OR CONDONE THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN ANY ADVERTISEMENT. IF AN ADVERTISEMENT IS SERVED WHICH VIOLATES THESE GUIDELINES, PLEASE EMAIL ME.

I may reject an ad for arbitary reasons.

go forth and engage in citrus-based marketing.